[Zope] Troubles with a Zope-2.7.7-final instance

Niels Dettenbach (Syndicat IT&Internet) nd at syndicat.com
Mon Mar 17 10:21:05 CET 2014

>On 3/17/14, 9:05 AM, Herbert Liechti wrote:
>> Hello
>> I have some troubles

Just an additional thing:

If the problem is ZODB related (means only occurs if your applications zodb is used and not in a fresh, empty instance) you may make shure that the ZODB is not corrupt by i.e.:

- export the whole ZODB (from Zope/ZMI "root" - "export") into a zexp, create a fresh Zope instance with mkzopeinstance, copy all Products and Extensensions into  the new instance, copy the zexp export from var into "import" from the new instance, start it and reimport the ZODB (cklick "import") by the zexp export.


- try to work with fsrecover or  similiar zope tools to check / repair your ZODB



Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet

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