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FLORAC Thierry thierry.florac at onf.fr
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I'm currently maintaining applications using Zope2, Zope3/Bluebream and Pyramid applications (using ZODB).
I don't have any problem on any of them, even on the oldest Zope2 applications which are more than 10 years old but always need zero maintenance and are as stable as mountains.

But I have to say that Zope2 looks quite old now, and TTW development for example have (from my own point of view) many drawbacks.
So for my own needs I wouldn't start a new project using Zope2 but would use Pyramid + ZODB which is a really good stack; Pyramid is well documented and really pleasant to use, and you can reuse many principles that were introduced by Zope, but the framework was cleaned and reduced to the really usefull parts (while many optional ones are available as add-ons packages).


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Hello ZOPE community,

we're still developing websites using Zope2 + ZMS3 (www.zms-publishing.com) for years now and never ran into any real problems (compared to, let's say, Wordpress, typo3, Drupal etc. which had serious security problems over the years) and our clients are quite happy with ZMS.

A few days ago on a barcamp the discussion lead to Zope and the usual comments, i.e. "Zope is dead", "I would not use that", "Too complicated", "Too old", "Outdated",.... and so on.

My personal opinion is, that Zope2 is still rock-solid and gets the job done. I've never heard of any serious issues compared to the big competitors from the PHP or Java world. I looked into Pyramid and Django for different projects and always came back to Zope2 itself.

I did not ask that question for quite some time now as there was no reason. Sure, sometimes we get comments like "never heard of it" etc., but nothing serious. Still, are there any specific reasons (beside personal favors) not to use Zope2 anymore? Any reason not to use Zope2 + ZODB for new projects? Are other frameworks like flask, Django, pyramid etc. that much better compared to Zope?

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