[Zope] Zope2 - pro/contra

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh at seznam.cz
Thu Mar 5 12:03:42 CET 2015

Zope2 is not dead, it is mature product. I use it, I love it.

Comunity is real small just now, because all what are discoverable, is 

Zope 2 download site is practically dead for many years, so more than 90% of 
products are not avaiable. This is the biggest problem because these 
products was very valuable, but now are in the limbus.

There are no new products for Zope2 because comunity was ran to Zope3, which 
is impractical.

The first big mistake is giving too much propagation to the ZPT/TAL 
technology which is absolutelly not good for the zope masses. The second big 
mistake is run out to the Zope3, which is totally different in the idea and 
many peoples are gone away to the Java, PHP etc.

Regards, JL.

----- Puvodní zpráva ----- 
Od: "Sebastian Tänzer" <st at taenzer.me>

> we're still developing websites using Zope2 + ZMS3 
> (www.zms-publishing.com) for years now and never ran into any real 
> problems (compared to, let's say, Wordpress, typo3, Drupal etc. which had 
> serious security problems over the years) and our clients are quite happy 
> with ZMS.
> A few days ago on a barcamp the discussion lead to Zope and the usual 
> comments, i.e. "Zope is dead", "I would not use that", "Too complicated", 
> "Too old", "Outdated",.... and so on.
> My personal opinion is, that Zope2 is still rock-solid and gets the job 
> done. I've never heard of any serious issues compared to the big 
> competitors from the PHP or Java world. I looked into Pyramid and Django 
> for different projects and always came back to Zope2 itself.
> I did not ask that question for quite some time now as there was no 
> reason. Sure, sometimes we get comments like "never heard of it" etc., but 
> nothing serious. Still, are there any specific reasons (beside personal 
> favors) not to use Zope2 anymore? Any reason not to use Zope2 + ZODB for 
> new projects? Are other frameworks like flask, Django, pyramid etc. that 
> much better compared to Zope?

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