[Zope] zeo clients not synchronized, modifications not shown

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Thu Nov 5 13:03:31 CET 2015

On 11/5/15 12:29 PM, Dragos Chirila wrote:
> My impression is that the save itself is handled by lets say client1
> and then the redirect and render of the edit page by a different one -
> client2.
I don't know what is going on, but let me ask a few obvious questions. 
How do you assign web requests to zeo clients.  If the redirect is
handled by a different zeo client, then maybe it has not gotten the
cache invalidation.  Maybe in your web page display, you can display the
process id, to verify if indeed it is a  different zeo client which is
the source of the problem.  At that point, put some logging into the
cache invalidations to see if they are happening
correctly, and before the new page is redisplayed.  Of do something on
your load balancer to make sure that each ip is served by the same zeo

And why did the problem suddenly start happening?  Wierd.

Hope that helps.

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