[Zope] Advice on Blob Storage?

Michael McFadden mcfaddenm at rfa.org
Wed Sep 30 01:11:10 CEST 2015

On 09/24/2015 02:52 AM, Tom Russell wrote:
> Mike,
> First of all, kudos on your candor and being willing to share your "hack"
> (storage.py).
Thanks.  I'm humbly getting things done without a lot of python 
knowledge and no zope experience.  I wouldn't recommend this approach to 
anyone, it's just some cowboy hacking.
> My 1st thought is, why don't you create a content type and store it in the
> ZODB at the time the video is uploaded? The type would include the video
> metadata (vanilla RSS, Dublin Core, etc) and a link to the off-site content.
> Much more helpful than a "not here" message, yeah?
Yep, the content type is created - it's just the file field that has the 
odd storage.  All other fields are normal.
> Secondly, I'm wondering why you're using SQL. Is it to interface with legacy
> system(s)? But that's probably just my purist streak talking. :-)
Relstorage for load balancing and replication.  that's about it.   I 
inherited the setup (yeah, I know, bad excuse).  But Rethinking a 
Data.fs solution to the problem is probably not going to help anyway.

> IIRC, there are hooks in Zope like "manage_before_save()", "...after_save",
> etc. This would be ideal, as you could strip the blob from the request before
> doing an insert. Yeah?
I'm going to look into this stuff.
I stumbled on some docs that hinted you could call 'pack()' directly on 
a single piece of storage, but I've yet to find them again.  This might 
be a solution.
> Anyway, sorry I can't be more help w/ the specifics of your installation.
No worries.  Happy to get a reply.

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