[Zope] Zope 4 migration

Michael Howitz icemac at gmx.net
Thu Dec 12 07:42:21 CET 2019

Am 11.12.2019 um 13:44 schrieb Michael Brunnbauer <brunni at netestate.de>:
> It works but zodbverify seems to complain about more than it should:
> Found 4 records that could not be loaded.
> Exceptions and how often they happened:
> ImportError: No module named ZODBMountPoint.MountedObject: 1
> ImportError: No module named SiteErrorLog.SiteErrorLog: 2
> ImportError: No module named Product: 1

This means you have to install some packages (how to do this depends on your installation variant.)

ZODBMountPoint.MountedObject lives in the package Products.TemporaryFolder.
The SiteErrorLog lives in Products.SiteErrorLog.

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