[Zope] Plans for Zope 2 after Python 2.7 deadline

Jesus Cea jcea at jcea.es
Wed Feb 13 00:27:58 CET 2019

With less than a year away until Python 2.7 becomes "deadware", I wonder
about the plan.

I am using Zope 2.13 under Python 2.7. Huge sites with ZODB sizes in the
multi gigabyte range. A handful of custom classes I could rewrite in
Python 3 if needed.

Is there any best practices I should be aware/follow to survive after
Python 2.7 demise?. How long will be Zope2 2.13 be alive after that?.
What about migration plans to Zope 4?

Of course, I know that Python 2.7 interpreter will not suddenly die 1st
January 2020. Just wondering if there is a ZOPE roadmap migration or if
it will be a procedure each of us will need to overcome alone.

Thanks for like 22 years of great service, so far :). That is very
appreciated, whatever happens.


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