[Zope] Plans for Zope 2 after Python 2.7 deadline

Michael Howitz icemac at gmx.net
Fri Feb 15 08:29:31 CET 2019

Hi Jesus,

Am 13.02.2019 um 00:27 schrieb Jesus Cea <jcea at jcea.es>:
> With less than a year away until Python 2.7 becomes "deadware", I wonder
> about the plan.

I am currently maintaining the Zope releases, so the plan currently looks like the following:

* Zope 2.13 gets security fixes and maybe contributed bugfixes as long as there is a Plone version which supports it.
  The last Plone version supporting Zope 2.13 is Plone 5.1. Currently the last two major releases of Plone are officially supported.
  So with the final release of Plone 7 there is no more need for Zope 2.13 support. (Plone 5.2 is going to its beta stage now.)

* Zope 4 is the successor of Zope 2.13 supporting both Python 2.7 and Python 3.
  I plan to have a final release this year. Zope 4 is already stable enough to use it. union.cms is running live on Zope 4.0b8 for a quite large installation.

* Zope 4 will not be a long-term supported release. We are planning to start working on Zope 5 in 2020. Zope 5 will drop Python 2 support and deprecated functions and imports.
  This means the code in Zope which is currently needed to support Python 2 will be removed, so it actually cannot be run on Python 2 at all.

* So Zope 4 is the release to should jump on to get the train to Zope 5 and to al long-term supported release running on Python 3.

I think a should write this thoughts into a blog post, maybe this will reach a broader audience.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Michael Howitz

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