[Zope] Tutorial for zope4

Jürgen Gmach juergen.gmach at apis.de
Thu Oct 1 07:36:45 CEST 2020

Hi Miguel,

as you already noticed, a lot has changed in the last couple of years.

A couple of thoughts:

We have pretty good migration documentation, see here

db connections
I only make light use of zsqlmethod myself, but I cannot recall I had to change anything to make it work with Zope 4.

Right, Chameleon is the way to go - if you need a transition time, you can (but you should NOT) use the old template engine, see here

I am sorry. There are no uptodate tutorials I know of.

The best bet is to try to follow the existing tutorials, and when something does not work try to find out what is wrong and how to fix it, ideally update the documenation with a pull request, or if struggling, asking some detailed questions.

As of where to get help.

This list is pretty much only used to announce new releases - there are no more discussions here.

The best place to ask general questions is the https://community.plone.org/ forum - tag your questions with "Zope".

If you find a bug or want a new feature, you can use the github repositories of the Zope projects.


P.S.: One of the maintainers (icemac) hold a nice talk about migrating a huge Zope project to Python 3.

Presentation: We have nearly one million lines of Python 2 code in production — and now? – gocept blog<https://blog.gocept.com/2020/09/03/presentation-we-have-nearly-one-million-lines-of-python-2-code-in-production-and-now/>
Still running Python 2 code in production is like steering a ship without radar in thick fog: You don’t know, which obstacle you will hit next. But there are ways to see the sun again – even for large code bases. This presentation contains a discussion of the possible ways and a success story. I…

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Good morning list,Glad to be here again in the list and community

I used zope many years ago until version 2.13 and I want to update to the new version 4/5 but I have found that the Zope Book is not so useful to me as before.

I used to do me little systems all in the ZMI using pagetemplate, zsql method, postgresql, zserver, etc.

-Zserver was replaced in favor of waitress, no problem.
-pagetemplate is almost the same, but now use chameleon engine, no problem.
-zsqlmethod is not installed by default, I installed it using pip. The recommendation is to use zope.sqlalchemy. I dont know sqlalchemy and how to use it with zope 4/5. help here
-I tried to find the postgresql connector to zope 4 in pypi without success, even the ODBC connector I could not find it. how do I connect to a database?

Also, I saw that the Plone foundation have now the rights of Zope foundation. I wish them the best for his work.

do someone can recomend me a zope 4 tutorial for dummys?

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