[Zope] Tutorial for zope4

Miguel Beltran R. yourpadre at gmail.com
Tue Sep 29 18:17:32 CEST 2020

Good morning list,Glad to be here again in the list and community

I used zope many years ago until version 2.13 and I want to update to the
new version 4/5 but I have found that the Zope Book is not so useful to me
as before.

I used to do me little systems all in the ZMI using pagetemplate, zsql
method, postgresql, zserver, etc.

-Zserver was replaced in favor of waitress, no problem.
-pagetemplate is almost the same, but now use chameleon engine, no problem.
-zsqlmethod is not installed by default, I installed it using pip. The
recommendation is to use zope.sqlalchemy. I dont know sqlalchemy and how to
use it with zope 4/5. help here
-I tried to find the postgresql connector to zope 4 in pypi without
success, even the ODBC connector I could not find it. how do I connect to a

Also, I saw that the Plone foundation have now the rights of Zope
foundation. I wish them the best for his work.

do someone can recomend me a zope 4 tutorial for dummys?

Lo bueno de vivir un dia mas
es saber que nos queda un dia menos de vida
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