[zope2-tracker] [Bug 372632] Re: zope 2.12.0b1 does not use standard_error_message

David Glick dglick at gmail.com
Tue Jul 21 02:38:16 EDT 2009

On Jul 20, 2009, at 7:38 AM, Tres Seaver wrote:
> I think Hanno's recent changes have fixed this regression.  David, can
> you test against the 2.12 branch and the trunk?

No, it's still an issue.  I have been tracking the 2.12 branch (and  
have no reason to think trunk would be different) as Hanno first made  
the ZPublisherExceptionHook re-raise Unauthorized exceptions  
immediately, then reverted that change because of it meaning that  
Unauthorized exceptions wouldn't get logged to the error_log.   
Following that initial change, Unauthorized exceptions were getting re- 
raised and handled by the response object's exception method as  
desired (though without getting recorded in the error_log).  Now that  
the change has been reverted, Unauthorized exceptions result in the  

I worked around this issue for Plone (4.0 branch) by registering a  
view of Unauthorized exceptions which simply re-raises the original  
exception.  This happens after the error is logged but before the  
standard_error_message is raised, so resolves the issue pretty decently.


zope 2.12.0b1 does not use standard_error_message
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