[Zope3-checkins] Re: [Checkins] SVN: zope.interface/trunk/src/zope/interface/human. Fixed RsT markup

Michael Howitz mh at gocept.com
Fri Jun 29 02:53:58 EDT 2007

Am 28.06.2007 um 16:09 schrieb Michael Howitz:
>> Okay, this is pretty cool. Do you know by any chance how we could  
>> get Emacs to
>> enter a Python minor mode for doctest code? That would be awesome!
> Sorry, no idea. This patch was my first try with emacs lisp. Maybe  
> we should ask one of the authors of rst.el.

I did this and got a reply from Martin Blais that he'll look into  
this feature in the next few weeks.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Howitz

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