[zope3-i18n] Re: Re: SVN: Zope3/trunk/src/zope/app/locales/de/LC_MESSAGES/zope.po sanitized some over-zealous translations

Thomas Lotze tl at gocept.com
Sun Nov 13 05:24:20 EST 2005

Egon Frerich wrote:

> My only concern is Web-Site. I know this word isn't translated into german
> many times and sometimes wrong as "Webseite". It isn't necessary to have
> the englsh word. "Webplatz" is exactly that what "website" means.
> So we shouldn't change Webplatz to Web-Site.

I'm all against "Webseite" myself as it misses the point, so this is no

However, in Zope 3 is the only occasion I've seen "Webplatz" so far. It
actually made me think until I realized what was meant - that's the
problem with translations that are literally correct but yield words not
commonly used. OTOH, that's how language evolves... Others who've seen the
translation "Webplatz" found it outright ridiculous.

Moreover, it's not even "web site" which is translated to "Webplatz", but
"site". Given the fact that Zope is able to deliver more that HTTP, maybe
the translation isn't even literally correct in the context of Zope.

-1 on "Webplatz".

PS: There's no need to cc list messages to my personal address, I'm
reading the list.


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