[zope3-i18n] Report after first complete french translation

Adam Groszer adamg at fw.hu
Fri Oct 7 15:08:37 EDT 2005

Hello Sebastien,

I try to remember my experiences during the translation.

Thursday, October 6, 2005, 12:16:29 PM, you wrote:

> Hi there :)
> I have finished first french translation of Zope 3.1. The work is
> buggy and I will enhance it with iterations.
> But, for now I report a couple of thoughts :

> # Why msgstr include many \n and <tab> ? It's ugly.

I agree with you, but that's not ugly that's a pain to translate.

> # Must to define quote : ' ' or ` ` or `` `` but not all.

> # Sometimes it's hard to determine if the sentence is for developer or
> user (the context). Example : "If set to True ...". If it's for UI, ok
> you can translate "True" ("Vrai" in french) but if it's for developer
> (for explain a line of code), you must leave "True" because the code
> is only in english.

Sometimes it helped to dig into the source code directed by the "#: "

> # It should be good to have a description of these technical terms :
> pagelet
> pagetet chooser
> registry
That should have the same meaning as in M$ win. So if you can have a
glance of it's registry editor and it's help this can be solved
> registration
> generation (src/zope/app/generations)
This is the same as for people but for the ZODB :-). You start to
develop an application and through the time the schema and the DB
contents will evolve.
> mapping (src/zope/app/workflow/stateful/browser)

> # List of msg I wish an explanation :
> 34 : Global Component Architecture
> 38 : Local Component Architecture
> "(global component) + architecture" or "global (componant architecture)" ?
> 252 : Realm
> 269 : Browser Form Challenger
> 518 : ${num} robot unit
> 1161 : Timeout resolution (in seconds)
> 1162 : Defines what the 'resolution' of item timeout is. Setting this
> higher allows the transience machinery to do fewer 'writes' at the
> expense of  causing items to time out later than the 'Data object
> timeout value' by  a factor of (at most) this many seconds.
> 1224 : Checked out
> 1225 : Checked in
> 1226 : id of the effective user at the time the bookkeeping
> information was created
> 1230 : Checkout
> 1231 : Checkin
> 1232 : Uncheckout
> 1239 : Checkin Message

I think
- Component Architecture is the basic philosophy of Z3. So I think the
  second one.
- "${num} robot unit" is coming from a unit test
  so let's say that's a joke :-)
- check in/out has a meaning as in source code control applications
  uncheckout should be undo checkout. have a look at CVS or SVN if
  they have a french version


> PS : I hate Launchpad.

Never tried that. Had a look at poEdit, but skipped it after 2

Finally I ended up with a table in M$ word having the msgid, German,
English, Hungarian columns and a pro translator tool.
Of course I had to write some scripts to make the word doc and the .po
file after I finished.

> --
> Sébastien Douche <sdouche at gmail.com>

Best regards,
 Adam                            mailto:adamg at fw.hu
Quote of the day:
The final 1% takes at least that much efforts to complete as the 99%,
but don't worry :-)
- My favourite translator

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