[Zope3-Users] What should I learn? [zope x3]

Stephan Richter srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu
Tue Jan 4 09:17:46 EST 2005

On Monday 20 December 2004 04:13, emilian wrote:
> So, what should I learn?

It totally depends what type of project you want to do. You need to tell us a 
little bit more to make a good recommendation.

> I'm already trying to read the Zope 3 Book 
> (also read the small programmer's tutorial) and I find it quite hard.
> There is some inherent assumption of Zope 2 programming that is not
> the case for someone like me.

I did not make any assumptions about Zope 2 int he Zope 3 Devleroper's Book. I 
do make the assumption that you know how form processing works in HTTP and 
that you know some CGI vocabulary. Maybe this was a mistake.

> Am I supposed to read (and understand) the Zope 2 book and then move
> to Zope 3 or should I stick to Zope X3 only?

I think you can understand Zope 3 without understanding Zope 2. In fact, I 
think this might be even an advantage.

> Also, ZCML seems not documented very well.

How so? ZCML is extremly well documented in all of the available documentation 
as well as in the directive interfaces. Have you looked at the online API doc 
tool, once you started Zope 3? http://localhost:8080/++apidoc++

> The MessageBoard example in 
> the Book has easy to understand code but the ZCML for it is rather
> hard to get a grip.

I think people feel that way, because ZCML is doing the hard and complex part 
of the development process: the configuration. There is nothing inheritely 
difficult about ZCML at all, but it does all the work of glueing the 
components together to a framework. I personally find the ZCML files very 
helpful in understanding what's going on, since it gives me qucik overview of 
the features a package provides.

> Basically a step-by-step quide into Zope(X3) would be nice.

Part C and D of the Zope 3 Developer's Book is intended as a step by step 
guide into developing with Zope 3. You should not only read the chapters in 
these parts, but also actually create the examples to understand what's going 

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