[Zope3-Users] Questions about utility/service registration

Sven Schomaker Sven.Schomaker at linie-m.de
Fri Jan 28 04:11:48 EST 2005

Hello all,

I've got a question about the registration of local services/utilities
at the
SiteManagementFolder. The registration of services (e.g.) seems to be
performed in the following manner:

sm_folder = zapi.traverse(folder.getSiteManager(), "default")
sm_folder['Utilities'] = LocalUtilityService()
rm = sm_folder.getRegistrationManager()
key =
sm_folder['Utilities'], rm))
zapi.traverse(rm, key).status = ActiveStatus

Now as I figured out from the registration package, there may
multiple components under a given name which is handled by means of a
registration stack.

Now that I add one component to the sm_folder and register it at the
registration manager how would one register another version of that
component, since the sm_folder will only accept one item for a given
name and reassignment will raise a DuplicateError.

Would one only register the new version of the component at the rm
without assigning it to the sm_folder.

I wonder how the SiteManagementFolder and the registration stack are
actually related and why one must both add the component to the
SitemanagementFolder and to the RegistrationManager. So far I'm a bit
stuck about this issue and would appreciate some help.

Thanks in advance,


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