[Zope3-Users] Cannot Pickle

Marc Rijken marc at rijken.org
Tue Mar 8 18:27:56 EST 2005


I have some content objects (derived from Contained) which are located 
in a container. I want to asign a object to a attribute of an another 
object. For example:

class Y(BTreeContainer):

class X (Contained):
    data = None

y = Y()
x1 = X()
y['x1'] = x1
x2 = X()
y['x2'] = x2

x1.data = x2

When that last statement is performed, I get a Cannot Pickle Error. I 
googled and looked in the code of Zope3. It lookes like removeAllProxies 
could help me, but it isn't. What do I do wrong?



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