[Zope3-Users] Infrae and Nuxeo join forces and cooperate on Zope 3 technologies

Martijn Faassen faassen at infrae.com
Fri Mar 11 06:51:25 EST 2005

Hey guys,

Infrae and Nuxeo are very happy to announce this; we believe this is 
very good news for the Zope community.

Infrae and Nuxeo join forces and cooperate on Zope 3 technologies

Rotterdam/Paris, 10 march 2005 - Infrae, based in Rotterdam, the
Netherlands, and Nuxeo, based in Paris, France, announce their
cooperation on developing enterprise-grade software, with a focus on
Zope 3 application technologies.

The two companies have a proven track record in enterprise CMS
software, and long experience with the Zope 3 platform. Infrae is the
creator of the ‘Silva’ CMS, and Nuxeo of the ‘Collaborative Portal
Server’ (CPS).

Through this cooperation, with our expertise in content management,
internet communication, semantic web, user interfaces, content
repositories, and XML technologies, we intend to advance the state of
the art for our software and our customers, as well as the broader
development community.

Next generation technology

The Zope 3 platform is an advanced new version of the powerful Zope
application server, developed by Zope Corporation together with an
international group of open source developers. Zope 3 is written in
the acclaimed Python language, and enables programmers to rapidly
develop robust applications.

Built around a component architecture, Zope 3 offers increased
reusability and customizability, cuts production cost and time to
delivery, and extends the Zope platform’s lead in component-based
software development.

Continuing commitment to the Zope 2 platform

Infrae and Nuxeo remain committed to the Zope 2 platform. During the
preceding months the companies have used Five to extend Silva and CPS
with Zope 3 technology. Five is a component - developed by Infrae and
now maintained by an open source community - to integrate Zope 3
technologies in Zope 2. Nuxeo has made significant contributions to
Five, for instance exposing the full power of the Zope 3 schema/forms
machinery. Five is now ready for production use.

Open source development model

Infrae and Nuxeo are committed to the development of free software. We
intend to build the new components using an open source methodology.
Other people and parties are welcome to collaborate.

We see the advent of Zope 3 technologies as a key opportunity to align
and unify the Zope content management world, streamlining the exchange
of software, knowledge, and experience within the community.

About Infrae

Infrae is a software development company based in Rotterdam, the
Netherlands, with a focus on Internet applications and integration
services. Its concentration is tools for content, web-authoring, and
asset management. This activity is supported by an international
network of code, skills, and knowledge.

Contact: Martijn Faassen: +31 10 243 7051, faassen at infrae.com

Web: http://www.infrae.nl/

About Nuxeo

Nuxeo is the leader of the CPS project, and the leading european Zope
service provider.

With clients in central and local administrations, industry, finance,
transportation, publishing, etc., we have developed unique technical
and consulting skills for the implementation of CPS in medium to large

Nuxeo supports the open source / free software movement by publishing
software components under a free license (GNU GPL) and by contributing
as a core developer to the development of the Zope, CMF, ERP5, Five
and Plone open source platforms.  Nuxeo supports the action of the
EuroLinux Alliance and FFII in favor of software innovation and free
software, and against software patents, harmful for competition and

Contact: Eric Barroca, +33 6 21 74 77 64, ebarroca at nuxeo.com

Web: http://www.nuxeo.com/en/

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