[Zope3-Users] Zope3 @ PyCon

Michael R. Bernstein webmaven at cox.net
Tue Mar 15 19:25:21 EST 2005

I'm planning a Zope3 Application Sprint at PyCon this year. The idea is to
spend some time collaborating on a new application for Zope 3.

In general, I'd rather work on an application that is 'too simple' and
give it a lot of polish than try something too ambitious and not end up
with a complete application.

The PyCon Wiki has a number of ideas listed so far, but there are only two
people signed up (one of them myself), so I thought I'd invite folks on
this list to join the Sprint if they're going to be at PyCon:

Of course, besides this sprint, there is also a separate Zope 3
development sprint that might appeal to you more:

Even if you're not planning on attending the Zope3 Application Sprint (or
the conference, for that matter) I'd still appreciate any feedback or
additional suggestions for the application to be built from the folks on
this list.

Michael R. Bernstein

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