[Zope3-Users] zwiki addon

Rob rob at objectsource.org
Wed Mar 16 21:57:46 EST 2005

I installed x3 from the download distribution on fedora core 1 in
/opt/zope3. I made an instance in /var/lib/zope3/main. This didn't have any
issues. I'm reading the Developer's Handbook and I'm on the 'Installing new
Zope Packages' chapter. The book says there is no package and say to get it
from svn but there is one so I figured I try that since it was with the x3
tarball. So I got the zwiki addon package tarball, configured it to install
in /var/lib/zope3/main (I know the install text says prefix it with zope3
home but I wanted to install it in the instance). It installed ok.

The install text refers to
which says to  "manually install the '-configure.zcml' file to
'/etc/package-includes'.". The Developer's book says to add a file called
zwiki-configure.zcml to etc/packages-include with the contents: <include
package="zwiki"/>. The server errs with

ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', 'Module zope.app has no
global zwiki')

I then copied the configure.zcml from lib/python/zwiki into
etc/package-includes. Now the server errs with

ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File
"/var/lib/zope3/main/etc/package-includes/zwiki-configure.zcml", line
    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'interface', "Can't use
leading dots in dotted names, no package has been set.")

I removed the dot and got:

 ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File
"/var/lib/zope3/main/etc/package-includes/zwiki-configure.zcml", line
    ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'interface', "Couldn't import
interfaces, No module named interfaces")

I started the server as a daemon using zopectl. It just restarts itself when
it encounters an error then eventually gives up.

[Suddenly I have a bright idea and try it while writing this email]:

It'd be neat if there was -t switch like httpd to test the config files
(maybe I haven't seen it yet?).

I did a %s/="\./="zwiki\./g in vi on the zwiki-configure.zcml file and it

The Developer's Handbook says  addon packages can be installed anywhere on
the python path. I'm not a python/zope programmer (yet) so I was just taking
a guess that adding zwiki resolved the package.

I'm assuming this means zcml files should fully qualify packages to be on
the safe side? Is there a reason I should the addon packages in x3 home as
the above link indicates (aside from wanting to share the package with all
my instances)?

Is there (or are there plans for) a search interface for the mailing list


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