[Zope3-Users] can't seem to get data from proxied database rows

Dominik Huber dominik.huber at projekt01.ch
Mon Mar 21 01:39:37 EST 2005

matt wilbert wrote:

>I have a database connection to a mysql database from ZopeX3.  It
>works (I can run test
>queries), and I have created a minimal Sql Script ("select * from
>test'") which also works when I test it.  It is called "listPeople"
>Now I try to use it from a ZPT that looks like this:
><table tal:repeat="name context/listPeople">
>  <tr tal:replace="python:name">Name</tr>
>I get a result that looks like:
><security proxied zope.app.rdb.GeneratedRowClass instance at 0x2a9b1d95a8>
><security proxied zope.app.rdb.GeneratedRowClass instance at 0x2a9b1d94d0>
><security proxied zope.app.rdb.GeneratedRowClass instance at 0x2a9b1d9f38>
>which makes sense because there are three rows in the test table.
>However, I can't figure out how to get at the data.  Any attempt to
>reference something inside
>the proxied objects  (like "python:name[0]" or
>"python:name['lastname']" gives me a ForbiddenAttribute error.  Is
>this something I can't do with a TTW ZPT, or am I missing something
>more straightforward.  I have granted all possible permissions to
No, you have prsumably to register your People class as zope:class or 
zope:content within zcml too:

for example:

  <content class="yourpacke.People">

see for details:

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