[Zope3-Users] Zope 3 Tutorial

Andre Meyer meyer at acm.org
Wed Mar 23 09:32:29 EST 2005

Thanks for the info.

I got the Buddy demo running. However, I would like to see a more 
complex example with references (eg., a buddy with multiple addresses) 
and a list view with sorting and filtering. And how can I get a custom 
interface instead being restricted to the Zope management interface?

Is such a demo available?

thanks and kind regards

Dominik Huber wrote:

> Andre Meyer wrote:
>> This week I finally started to develop my first Zope 3 app. I started 
>> using Jim's tutorial [1] which is nice. But then I discovered that 
>> there is a more complete example set [2]. Unfortunately, I cannot run 
>> the contacts example [3] with ZopeX3 (stable). Has anybody been able 
>> to convert the example to run? Is the example too old to work with 
>> the stable release or does it work on the latest CVS version of Z3?
> IMO this example is not maintained anymore by Jim. You should look 
> about the buddydemo package for a maintained example.
>> Problems I found are so far:
>> - persistence.Persistence needs to become persistent.Persistent, solved
>> - No module named interfaces.container, starting Z3 gives me this:
> Long time ago there was a restructering of the code.
> Now you will find the IReadContainer and IWriteContainer interfaces in 
> the zope.app.container.interfaces module.
> Regards,
> Dominik Huber

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