[Zope3-Users] Oracle database adapter?

Jim Cain jecain at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 22:34:58 EST 2005

The Zope3 FAQ claims that one exists:

The following database adapters have been implemented already:
MySQLdbDA?, psycopgda (PostGreSQL?), pypgsqlda (PostGreSQL?), db2DA,
informixDA, odbcDA, oracleDA, sapdbDA, sqliteDA, and sybaseDA. To
write your own database adapter, see the NewREDBAdapter? recipe.

...but I can't find one. I tried to create my own, using mysqldbda and
psycopgda as examples, but it's not recognized as a utility I can add
to Zope.

Also, the above quote mentions the "NewREDBAdapter recipe," but I
can't find that either. Where can I get documentation on the Zope3 DA
API, or better yet, where can I find an Oracle DA?


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