[Zope3-Users] images in a content object

rr at nederhoed.com rr at nederhoed.com
Sat May 14 14:21:52 EDT 2005


Today I was trying to add images to an object. I don't know what I'm doin'wrong.

My basic component was the persistent Recipe class from Philipp's book.
I tried it first with a separate IImageContainer interface. But I did not get it
to work. I did get it up and running but when adding an object I get a system

In my last attempt I stripped as most functionality off as possible. Leaving me
with only a recipe which I derived from BTreeContainer instead of Persistent.
Analogue to the MessageBoard class used by Stephan in his Zope3 book. But now
I'm not restricting content in the BTree to IMessage implementations, but
IImage implementations.

Maybe it goes all terribly wrong at the /browser level?

I cannot supply you with zcml and class/interface files since I'm in an icafe
now, not at home where my files are. Still waiting for my DSL to be connected.

A direction to a working example would be very much appreciated. Playing with Z3
is nice, but it is much harder than Z2 when it comes to getting where I want.
But, I'm not giving up!

Greetings from The Hague,



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