[Zope3-Users] z3c.form and subforms in an AddForm?

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at qwer.tk
Tue Jul 3 10:38:43 EDT 2007

Am Dienstag, 3. Juli 2007 14:57 schrieb Matt Bowen:
> Hi Stephen
> I'm in the same place as Hermann -- I've followed formdemo's message
> package as closely as I can and made an object in debug mode, but when I
> try to view or edit it, zope says it can't find index.html or edit.html. At
> some point I realized that I was retyping code I had previously deleted and
> was thus going in circles, so any help would be deeply appreciated. I'll
> admit now that I'm pretty new to zope 3 and am trying to work both from
> your examples and doctests and Philipp's book, so I may be muddled in more
> than one place.
> On 6/19/07, Stephan Richter <srichter at cosmos.phy.tufts.edu> wrote:
> > Are you sure your skin has the correct layer in it? Have you looked at
> > the Hello World example in z3c.formdemo?
> Could you explain this a little more? I have declared a layer as follows:

> class IMovingTargetBrowserLayer(IFormLayer, IPageletBrowserLayer):
>     """The moving target browser skin layer"""
> and registered it:
>     <!-- Moving Target Skin Layer -->
>   <interface
>       interface="movingtarget.layer.IMovingTargetBrowserLayer"
>       type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserSkinType"
>       name="MovingTargetLayer"
>     />
> Then I have a browser skin:
> from z3c.formui import interfaces
> from movingtarget.layer import IMovingTargetBrowserLayer
> class IMovingTargetBrowserSkin(interfaces.IDivFormLayer,
> IMovingTargetBrowserLayer):
>     """The Moving Target Browser skin"""
> which I register:
>   <zope:interface
>       interface="movingtarget.skin.browserskin.IMovingTargetBrowserSkin"
>       type="zope.publisher.interfaces.browser.IBrowserSkinType"
>       name="MovingTargetBrowser"
>       />

Hmmm, silly question: Are you including the ++skin++ attribute in the URL? So 
in your case it should be something like:



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