[Zope3-Users] ForbiddenAttribute error

Dennis Noordsij dennis.noordsij at movial.fi
Fri Jul 6 10:50:00 EDT 2007

>     <require
>         permission="zope.ManageContent"
>         set_schema=".interfaces.IFeed"
>       />
>     </class>

> Haven't I declared the getRawFeedData method by including it in the IFeed
> interface?
> Thanks!
> /Mikael M

Hi Mikael

Rest assured you have a permissions problem. (ForbiddenError)

For one thing, set_schema means that to set any attributes in that schema, you 
need this permission. But your method getRawFeedData is not a settable 
attribute, but a method. 

Notice that when you assign write permissions to a container (for example), 
you say

interface="zope.app.container.interfaces.IWriteContainer", and not 

You need set_schema (or set_attributes) for the list attribute, but you need 
interface (or attributes) for your getRawFeedData method, since you just want 
to call it.


and it should work. Might not be the "best" way though but I am sure more 
knowledgable people will step in :)

Hope it gets you closer

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