[Zope3-Users] Building an admin interface

Joachim Schmitz js at aixtraware.de
Mon Jul 16 12:43:18 EDT 2007

hi Florian,

perhaps you should take a look at grok http://grok.zope.org. Look there 
for grokstar, which is a blog with nearly no user-interface. During the 
recent grog-sprint at EuroPython in Vilnius, I started working to 
improve it a little bit. It will soon be checked in.

Florian Lindner schrieb:
> Hello,
> I have a rather fundamental problem.
> Until now the editor of my bloggin software has added, modified and removed 
> blog entries by logging in to the ZMI and use the filesystem like view there.
> This gives me (as the developer) only very limited control about how it is 
> done. For example: A newly created entry should be stored in the subfolder 
> year/month/day/entry_id. I can modify the entry_id by using a NamesChooser 
> adapter but I can't (AFAIK) modify the actual location.
> Because of this I want to develop an admin interface. The application 
> generally shoud work stand alone (eg. not integrated in Plone) but should act 
> as a well behaving citizen in the Zope3 world. (make integration easy).
> How is this done the best way?
> - What skins to use?
> - How should authentication be done?
> Just rely on the authentication source being around and use it  with 
> getUtility(IAuthentication)?
> - How to design my ZPTs to make them fit in the skin/interface?
> - What else to pay attention to?
> Thanks for all tips!
> Florian
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Gruß Joachim

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