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Tue Jul 17 07:23:51 EDT 2007

Hi Daniel

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> Roger Ineichen wrote:
> >> I need very basic content providers to generate HTML 
> contents from a 
> >> set of classes, inside pages templates.
> >> Is there a huge difference between using views (and 
> >> "context/@@viewname"
> >> syntax) and using content providers (with "provider:providername"
> >> syntax), mainly in terms of performances, CPU usage and/or memory 
> >> usage ??
> >>
> >> Thanks for any advise for this simple "problem", as both 
> methods work 
> >> perfectly...
> > 
> > I do not recommend using views for content that is only 
> used inside a 
> > template. Because "context/@@viewname"
> > is also traversable as a real view and will probably show up in 
> > google.
> How would it show up in Google?  Google bots don't try 
> arbitrary URLs, they follow links.

This could happen if you update a project and remove a public view 
called detail.html and register a "inline" view with the same 
name whihc you liek to use for calling in ZPT. Just kidding.
I know this doesn't happen in a project, but are you realy sure.

What's the benefit to register views and call them in ZPT 
like tal:content="structure context/@@foo_bar" ?

For beeing fair, 
one benfit is probably the usage of memcached. Such views allows 
you to easy cache them self, because they are traversable by it's 
own url. But be carfully, probably they should get cached just 
once from a unique url and not on different urls used in each view.

> Using ordinary views for parts of a HTML page works perfectly for me.

Of corse it's possible to do that, but this doesn't mean it's a good
concept in every usecase. 

My note on that topic should not say "don't use it", it should only make
people think about the options we have in z3 and point on some side effects?

Roger Ineichen 

> Daniel
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