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Roger Ineichen dev at
Wed Jul 25 22:01:45 EDT 2007

Hi Philipp

> Betreff: [Zope3-Users] Re: AW: Re: Using svn checkout with zc packages
> Roger Ineichen wrote:
> > Buildout is experimental and only supported for linux and mac users.
> Buildout may be beta, but I'd say it's far from being experimental. 
> Also, it works quite nicely on Windows. The only problem you 
> may have is that the stuff you want to install doesn't work 
> on Windows (e.g. 
> zdaemon) or there are no pre-built Windows eggs (yet). This 
> isn't buildout's fault, though.

I know, buildout is using zdaemon and we just need to write
another daemon like script. But this is tricky because the
app and the instance provide it's own settings e.g. the app
knows the eggs and the instance knows the zope.conf.

This means the app must generate a script with a argument for
the zope.conf and the instance must generate a script which 
calls the app script with the zope.conf.

With a dameon this is a good pattern, for windows it's not.

The best way for generate a start script whould be if
the instance whould know the eggs of the app. This would
allow us to generate one script instead of using a subprocess
or call the script witha batch script.

Also, there must be a option to install zope3 as a production 
server using the windows service. But I think installing the 
windows service as a replacment for the zdeamon isn't a option 
for development. etc. etc.

I agree buildout isn't experimental it's a good concept
but it's just not working on windows.

I'm really very angry about the missing windows support.
It's a kind of saying to a child, hehe you don't have 
the newest playstation, then it's your problem and we don't
play with you. I don't like this kind of things and this 
should not happen in a community.

I'm not saying that somebody has to write the windows support
for me, I will do that if I find some time. But please be fair
and promote buildout like it is and tell the people that it's 
only usable for mac and linux and we a re not interested to 
support windows right now.

> > And you could get a lot of work if you use 3-rd party 
> dependencies and 
> > there are no eggs available.
> How is this a problem with Zope? Which 3rd party dependencies 
> are specifically a problem?

Not default 3rd party dependencies. Just packages we installed
with binary installers make problems during compilation.

- lxml
- pysqlite

I think there will be no other way then to support this developers
and help them to make them compileable on a windows box. But this could be
dam hard. Or we ask this developers to build eggs which will use a binary
installer on a windows box. Hmm, is there somewhere a *.msi or *.exe 
executer recipe?

But what I really hate in the egg concept is, that this will end in
supporting many projects because not every developer is happy to build 
windows eggs. Note, build them on a well defined box is not the same 
like download eggs and build them on a crapy win box with mingw (gcc) 
and msys installed.

Just beeing fair, I think the good part with eggs will be, that all the
pyhton packages out there will get cleand up sooner or later.

Roger Ineichen

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