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Raphael Ritz r.ritz at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Thu Jul 26 05:09:55 EDT 2007

Roger Ineichen wrote:


> Hanko 

that's a nice one ;-)

Note that Hanno (Schlichting) and Janko (Hauser)
are two different people (sorry, just couldn't


> or others pointed me to the Plone implementation source.
> But I think installing a win service is not the only thing to
> do. I guess there should be a simple start script in developer 
> mode. But is there a developer mode or does it depend only 
> on the recipe etc.? There are to many questions to me right now
> for adding the right concept supporting windows.
> I hope I'll find time to catch this up again in the next two weeks
> and speak with Jim and Hanko about how this should work.
> Regards
> Roger Ineichen
>> Raphael
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