[Zope3-Users] thoughts about z3c.form-package

Roger Ineichen dev at projekt01.ch
Wed Oct 8 10:28:07 EDT 2008

Hi Hermann

> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-Users] thoughts about z3c.form-package


> I think I'm not the only one here, I read quite often about 
> similar problems in this list here, so this is my resumee:
> - z3c.form is complex
> - It's not obvious how to implement certain form-patterns
> - People are often overwhelmed by that and don't look through

I agree that if you use z3c.form and if you try to do some complex things
that it is not allways simple. But that's because z3c.form offers everything
what you need for doing what everybody needs. It's not only an
AddForm, EditForm or DisplayForm generator, z3c.form is much more.

in my point of view z3c.form.browser is just one (defualt) implementation
which is usable out of the box fo most HTML generting forms. The core of
z3c.form (without the browser package) can be used for other things then
HTML generated output.

> So, I think two solutions to that could be:
> - Improve the documentation (however, I'm unsure in what way, though).
> - Create a WIKI or something similar where people can find 
> suggestions how to implement certain patterns with z3c.form.

That's a very good idea


> - If we find patterns that can not be implemented with 
> z3c.form in a viable way, try to extend z3c.form so that it 
> is possible.

Yes, we should implement more things, e.g. the ObjectWidget
and better sub forms. Anything else?

> For me, this looks like the better approach than to trying to 
> implement a "better" form package that may lead to the very 
> same problems as z3c.form in the end.

I think it's an illusion ot write a simpler form package which
does a better job and is simpler at the same time. Every concept
will ha ve it own edges and limitations. But I whould agree that
it's possible to write a simpler form package which only has the 
goal to generate schema field based HTML widgets. But the problem is
if you are using such a package and you need to write a PDF generator
you can't probably use that simpler framwork and you have to find 
another way do to the same again.

Probably we can add another API for z3c.form and write a 
z3c.formzcml package which offers the same editForm and addForm
ZCML directives  which zope.app.form offers. This whould probably
make things simpler if you start using z3c.form.

Roger Ineichen

> Best Regards,
> Hermann
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