[Zope3-Users] thoughts about z3c.form-package

Hermann Himmelbauer dusty at qwer.tk
Thu Oct 9 03:51:41 EDT 2008

Am Donnerstag 09 Oktober 2008 04:24:25 schrieb garz:
> thx for your replies! now i have new stuff to think about. :)
> Can you give an example what you can't do with z3c.form?
> i think z3c.form is in respect of what can be done with it general enough.
> i can realize what i want to do with it plus i know how to do it. it isnt
> that i dont understand z3c.form, i even think i nearly fully understand it.
> the issue is, that i cant do it in a nice way and i think if z3c.form would
> be structured differently, this shouldnt be a problem... at least i think
> that. but maybe this will change after thinking about what you guys wrote.
> then i will probably be back with new stuff to discuss, when i try to
> realize my list- and dict-forms further on. :)

I think, an outcome of your thoughts could very well be some additional 
z3.form-based package, or some recipe that covers your use case and eases its 

I personally have some patterns in my application that repeat over and over, 
hence I wrote some classes that inherit from z3c.form.Form, added some helper 
methods, modified e.g. the update method, so that the result is e.g. 
a "SearchForm", or "CustomEditForm" class which can be used in my 

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