[Zope3-Users] 3.4 status, how can i help

Christophe Combelles ccomb at free.fr
Wed Oct 22 10:58:17 EDT 2008

JeanMichel FRANCOIS a écrit :
> Hi there !
> i m a plone third products developper at Makina-Corpus. I would like to 
> switch to Zope3 for many reasons. I m impressed by the quality of the 
> code compare to the documentation on http://wiki.zope.org/zope3.
> I would like to understand why the zope 3.4 has not been release (wiki 
> says Zope 3.4 final: 2007-09-02). The worst is i don't find any roadmap 
> about each eggs.

Actually I believe we could release just now. We have setuptools 0.6c9 and 
ZODB3.8.1 in the KGS trunk, so we just need a tag for zope.release, then publish 
the version.cfg. There is a remaining bug in the buildbot, but it is due to bad 
timing in the ZEO tests and the build slave being slow. This is not really a 
test failure. http://zope3.pov.lt/buildbot/

Another hard(?) task will be to create the tarball version, because it was a 
promise, and some people will probably find it usefull.

Is there someone to make the final release?

> I will start a zope3 code generator using the bests components 
> availables, and i would like to contribute to help make zope3 a bit more 
> famous and used.

this is a very good idea

> I think zope3 need more documentations (install, status, roadmap, how to 
> , ...) grok is better on that point, but i want to work on zope3 level. 
> How can i help ? Where can i publish this documentation ?

There is an ongoing effort to create a new zope.org site : http://new.zope.org
The mailing list used for this effort has been moved to : 

We need to find more contributors for the content. I have written some basic 
tutorials and other sections, but we need more. The site is currently a Plone 3, 
but I'm not sure Plone is useful for this case, since the site is not intended 
to be a collaborative workspace, but just a static informative site. I think it 
could just be powered by a bunch of static rst files converted to HTML and 
stored in the main svn repository. But this is not important for now, we just 
need content and doc.


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