[Zope3-Users] z3c.jsonrpc response content type bug

Jim Washington jwashin at vt.edu
Tue Oct 28 06:32:14 EDT 2008

Roger Ineichen wrote:
> Hi Yuan
>> Betreff: [Zope3-Users] z3c.jsonrpc response content type bug
>> When I use z3c.jsonrpc (svn head) to publish an object, the 
>> response generated gets the content header:
>> Content-Type: application/x-javascript
>> According to the README.txt of the package:
>> This project provides the proposed request type 
>> "application/json". The request type "application/json-rpc" 
>> is supported as long it is not officialy deprecated.
>> And it also expects to receive a request with 'application/json'
>> header. So this should be a bug.
>> To fix it, one just need to modify _prepareResult method in 
>> the file publisher.py to change from
>>         # set content type
>>         self.setHeader('content-type', 
>> "application/x-javascript;charset=%s" \
>>             % charset)
>> to
>>         # set content type
>>         self.setHeader('content-type', "application/json;charset=%s" \
>>             % charset)
>> --
>> Hong Yuan
> Thanks for the hint. I'll take a look at that this week.
> Regards
> Roger Ineichen

A bit of history on this.  The content-type in this bit of code was
determined more than three years ago by testing with several old major
web browsers.  At the time, 'application/x-javascript' was the
content-type that reliably told the web browser to use its javascript
parser on the document so that the rpc data could be used.  Other
settings did not work on all of the web browsers I tested.

So, this content-type was decided empirically (a long time ago), not
from specification. It maybe should continue to be the default for
compatibility with creaky old web browsers.  But maybe it can be
changeable (if you *really* know what you are doing) so that the
outgoing document can meet the expectations of client libraries.

- Jim Washington

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