[Zope3-Users] Paul carduner z3c tutorial

Albert DURANTON albert.duranton375 at orange.fr
Thu Mar 11 12:02:02 EST 2010

I learn the paulcarduner/z3ctutorial.
I am the form but when i click add i get:URL: http://localhost:8080/%2B%2Bskin%2B%2BZContact/%40%40addContact.html
Module paste.evalexception.middleware:306 in respond 
<< try:
__traceback_supplement__ = errormiddleware.Supplement, self, environ
app_iter = self.application(environ, detect_start_response)
return_iter = list(app_iter)>> app_iter = self.application(environ, detect_start_response)
Module zope.app.wsgi:54 in __call__ 
<< handle_errors = environ.get('wsgi.handleErrors', True)

request = publish(request, handle_errors=handle_errors)
response = request.response>> request = publish(request, handle_errors=handle_errors)
Module zope.publisher.publish:133 in publish 
<< publication.afterTraversal(request, obj)

result = publication.callObject(request, obj)
response = request.response
if result is not response:>> result = publication.callObject(request, obj)
Module zope.app.publication.zopepublication:167 in callObject 
def callObject(self, request, ob):
return mapply(ob, request.getPositionalArguments(), request)

def afterCall(self, request, ob):>> return mapply(ob, request.getPositionalArguments(), request)

Module zope.publisher.publish:108 in mapply 
if __debug__:
return debug_call(obj, args)

return obj(*args)>> return debug_call(obj, args)
Module zope.publisher.publish:114 in debug_call 
<< def debug_call(obj, args):
# The presence of this function allows us to set a pdb breakpoint
return obj(*args)

def publish(request, handle_errors=True):>> return obj(*args)
Module z3c.form.form:189 in __call__ 
def __call__(self):
return self.render()>> self.update()
Module z3c.form.form:186 in update 
<< super(Form, self).update()

def __call__(self):>> self.actions.execute()
Module z3c.form.action:99 in execute 
<< if handler is not None:
result = handler()
except interfaces.ActionExecutionError, error:
zope.event.notify(ActionErrorOccurred(action, error))>> result = handler()
Module z3c.form.button:302 in __call__ 
<< if handler is None:
return handler(self.form, self.action)>> return handler(self.form, self.action)
Module z3c.form.button:170 in __call__ 
def __call__(self, form, action):
return self.func(form, action)

def __repr__(self):>> return self.func(form, action)
Module z3c.form.form:209 in handleAdd 
<< self.status = self.formErrorsMessage
obj = self.createAndAdd(data)
if obj is not None:
# mark only as finished if we get the new object>> obj = self.createAndAdd(data)
Module z3c.form.form:215 in createAndAdd 
def createAndAdd(self, data):
obj = self.create(data)
self.add(obj)>> obj = self.create(data)
Module zcontact.browser.contact:14 in create 
def create(self, data):
contact = Contac()
form.applyChanges(self, contact, data)
return contact>> contact = Contac()
NameError: global name 'Contac' is not defined

I all verified.
Some can help me ?
Thank you

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