[Zope3-Users] Question : user limitations

Roger dev at projekt01.ch
Thu Mar 11 18:00:43 EST 2010

Hi David 

> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-Users] Question : user limitations
> 			Hi,
> 			I am currently working on a project 
> that is targeting around 1 million authenticated users.  One 
> of the solutions we are looking at is Plomino which sits on Plone.
> 			I would like to know what are the known 
> limitations or constraints with a Zope server.  Would one 
> million authenticated users be supported ? What will be the 
> impact on performance?  Do you have any figures on these matter?

Are you kidding?

No out of the box system can handle one million authenticated
users. You have to have very deep skills in scaling an application
for such an amount of users and you have to write it by yourself.

But the good thing is, you can use python, zope components and
some concepts we impemented in ZTK and other z3c packages which
makes this adventure a nice job.

Roger Ineichen
> 			Thanks for your response.
> 			Regards,
> 			David SAUVETRE

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