[Zope3-Users] local search engine

Christopher Lozinski lozinski at freerecruiting.com
Mon Sep 9 13:19:47 CEST 2013

On 9/8/13 10:19 PM, christophe petit wrote:
> but now, problem happens when I try to add it on root folder.
I will be happy to help you.   I also need to be able to add local
search engine catalogs through the ZMI.

 First let us establish the context.

You have a lot of zope.app stuff in there.  And yet I thought zope.app
was deprecated in ZTK. 
You also talk about the ZMI. Also gone from ZTK.

So what is your starting point?  ZTFY?  Are you using an older version
of Zope 3?

Christopher Lozinski

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