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Issue #26 Update (Comment) "new UI: Sometimes less is more... "
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= Comment - Entry #3 by sidnei on Feb 19, 2003 3:08 pm

This was related to the old skin. I would like to see some opinions about the new one.
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= Request - Entry #1 by mj on Dec 11, 2001 8:15 pm

Regarding the design of new.zope.org, what objections would anyone have to modeling the site after some of the more elegant and successful sites on the web - apple.com, cnet.com, yahoo.com, ebay.com, real.com, discovercard.com, travelocity.com, priceline.com. All these sites have a few things in common: 
1. Width = ~700. 
2. The content is centered. 
3. The font size is normal to small except some of the headers. 
I particularly like priceline.com and could very well see the zope logo in place of the priceline logo. I believe this design in it's simplicity, focus, and cleaness adheres more closely to python's similar attributes of being simple, concise, and clean. 
Walter Miller