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Issue #290 Update (Request) "contact data missing for an author member"
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= Request - Entry #1 by Anonymous User on Nov 14, 2003 9:12 am

The correct address for the author of page
is missing.

I already tried (michel at digicool.com) the one mentioned on the page, and also andrew at eventera.com.
With no success.

My question was :


After reading your post (1999) on

I am interested in finding the actual code for your solution for recursive
traversal of foldersish objects in Zope.

Could you help me ?

Any useful Python snippet (or ZPT or DTML) concerning  recursive traversal
would help me.

Thanks on forward

P-Y Delens, Manager

LIENTERFACES - PY Delens, sprl

Avenue Dolez, 243  -  1180   Bruxelles

phone : 32 2 375 55 62
fax :      32 2 374 75 74
mail :   py.delens at lienterfaces.be
web : www.lienterfaces.be

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