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Issue #291 Update (Request) "Virtual Hosting Docs wrong"
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= Request - Entry #1 by Anonymous User on Nov 15, 2003 2:19 pm

I was following the Virtual Hosting Services (Book 2.6)
It is helpful in the beginning; at about 

View the DTML Method by clicking on its View tab, and you will see something like the following:

Absolute URL   http://localhost:8080/vhm_test 
URL0           http://localhost:8080/vhm_test/index_html
URL1           http://localhost:8080/vhm_test 

this ends, though.

View vhm_test/index.html bring this result, yes.
But the next line:
 Now visit the URL http://localhost:8080/vhm_test. You will be presented with something that looks almost exactly the same. 
is wrong. It still has to be .../vhm_test/index.html
Same applies to the following line. The example further down suffers from the same problem:
index.html needs to be added

The whole passage about supplementing /etc/hosts for apache is useless, because not needed. localhost:8080 will do, and without localhost in /etc/hosts almost nothing will work. (In short: the whole passage is not needed)

Rewriting the Apache rules as described will lead to 'Access Forbidden'; at least here it does. Only way around: mod_proxy.
That the author happens to be rather incompetent is reflected on that page:
... VirtualHostRoot/$1 [L,P]
[P] stands for proxy. So without, the whole thing will not function.
While mod_rewrite is well described, the necessity of mod_proxy is not mentioned.

May I suggest you have the page corrected; since a newbie won't find the way through this half-brew.


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