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Issue #300 Update (Request) "External Editor - Documentation"
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= Request - Entry #1 by Anonymous User on Nov 29, 2003 12:44 pm

The ExternalEditor/install-unix is very confusing. I'll comment in between; 
with ==  ...  ==

Zope External Editor Installation

Installation is two-fold:

    * Install the ExternalEditor product in Zope.
    * Install the helper application on the client(s) and configure the browser(s)

Product Installation

Download the archive == which ? ExternalEditor or zopeedit ? == and extract it into your Zope products == should read Products (with Capital !); for a simple locate == directory. Then restart Zope. If you succeeded, you'll notice pencil icons next to the external editable objects in the Zope management screens.

Helper Application Installation

Dependancies: Python 2.2, Tk

Download the helper app archive == which ? zopeedit ? == and extract it == where ?? ==. Enter the ExternalEditor directory and run (You may need to be root):

      python2.2 setup.py install
== There is no setup.py in ExternalEditor ! ==

This will install the zopeedit.py executable (in /usr/local/bin on my system). Alternately, you can just copy zopeedit.py to the location of your choosing == any; really  ? ==.
== and what about the other files from the zopedit-archive ? ==

It remains unclear to the last, to where this 'helper application' must be installed: server or client. It says:

 * Install the helper application on the client(s) 

, but also states

 Enter the ExternalEditor directory and run ...

Since when would we have the ExternalEditor on the clients ?? Sorry, but quite an incomprehensible mess here.
If you talk about a 'helper application', please, give the filename. I'm really unclear what this talks about. There is no single word on zopeedit.

Thanks for beefing up the documentation !

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