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Issue #327 Update (Comment) "Need a way to include structure in ZPT attributes"
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= Comment - Entry #2 by salimfadhley on Apr 1, 2004 9:57 am

Strike this request... posted on the wrong collector.
= Request - Entry #1 by salimfadhley on Apr 1, 2004 9:55 am

Sometimes we need to generate non-standard attributes, which while not being valid XML has some practical value when integrating Zope applications with other systems. 

I am working on an application part-written in Zope that makes content for a mailing system to re-distribute. The mailing system takes HTML documents with some embedded TCL. I would like to be able to generate all of this using Zope and ZPT - the problem is the embedded TCL requires characters that ZPT will not allow in attributes.

How I am generating <a> tags:
<a href="webTi.html" tal:attributes="href python:here.pyscripts.uri(content_object)">click me</a>

Example of attribute I need to create:
<a href="%%track http://zope.hobo.hhub/demo/club_six/section?obj=section&id=6%20-name%20"Resistance%20training"%%">click me</a>

What actually happens:
<a href=&quot;%%track http://zope.hobo.hhub/demo/club_six/section?obj=section&id=6%20-name%20"Resistance%20training&quot;%%">

ZPT is smart enough to know that an attribute should never contain a " (quote-mark)  character, so it has tried to escape it to preserve sanity... however in this case it has done the wrong thing, I actually wanted the EXACT output of the function - no matter how bizzare it looks.

Could there be a modifier to tal:attributes, much like 'structure' when applied to tal:replace that prevents ZPT from escaping or otherwise fixing the data being applied to that attribute? 


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