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Wed Apr 7 23:36:24 EDT 2004

Issue #330 Update (Request) "zope.org ...any progress?"
 Status Pending, content/bug critical
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= Request - Entry #1 by ajung on Apr 7, 2004 11:36 pm

In the hope that anyone reads this....

zope.org is becoming more and more slower and unusable.

As reviewer it takes too long (20-30 seconds) to login.
It takes too long (same amount) to get the list of
unreviewed documents. It takes even longer to publish
a single document.

As normal user it often takes very long to render content that seems be uncached. The overall performance
of zope.org is total mess.

I would really appreciate to hear some comments on these 
performance issues. 

Despite these these complaints I see zero feedback for issues files during the last weeks. Is there really *any* person still working or supporting zope.org?

If not, better declare zope.org dead and tell people
to put their content somewhere else. The current site
is not a good figurehead for Zope and its community.


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