[ZO-Coll] [ZOC] 331/ 1 Request "Chinese ZUG links request"

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Tue Apr 13 21:01:59 EDT 2004

Issue #331 Update (Request) "Chinese ZUG links request"
 Status Pending, content/doc medium
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= Request - Entry #1 by panjunyong on Apr 13, 2004 9:01 pm

I am webmaster of CZUG.org (Chinese Zope User Group).
I request to add our site:


to the "User Groups":http://www.zope.org/Resources/UserGroups/ page.

CZUG.org has been existed for more than 1 year, and there are about 700 registerd users now. There are plenty of Chinese documents and other resource there. I am sure it is the best place for the Chinese Zope/Plone users.


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