[zpkg] Why appsupport/configure.in

Andreas Jung lists at andreas-jung.com
Mon Dec 5 12:32:00 EST 2005

--On 5. Dezember 2005 09:29:39 -0500 Fred Drake <fred at zope.com> wrote:

> On Monday 05 December 2005 09:10, Andreas Jung wrote:
>  > I just wondered why zpkg contains its own configure.in which seems to
>  > replace the one from the Zope tree (at least when building the source
>  > archive using 'make sdist'). This looks very scary to me. Are there any
>  > reasons for this?
> Because there's no way to tell it (currently) what file to use.  It
> shouldn't  be too hard to change.
> Ideally, the information on the package being distributed would include
> the  information needed to parameterize the configure script (the
> preferred and  acceptable Python versions), and the configure would be
> generated based on  that information when the distribution is created.

I know nothing about zpkg so I can not comment about the details. However
I another problem. I run zkpgtools from the HEAD (with a fixed version
of configure.in with TARGET=2.4.2). When I build the 2.9 archive using
'make sdist' I still have a generated configure file in the archive
with TARGET=2.4.1. Where is this coming from?

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