[zpkg] Using zpgktools: I understand exactly nothing.

Lennart Regebro regebro at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 08:50:13 EDT 2005

On Stephan Richters suggestion I tried to use zpkgtools for the
calcore package, because it imports zope.interface, zope.schema and

However, I read through the quickstart, did what it said and then
tried to run zpkg. It complains on not having all information it
wants, basically, and further reading of the docs tell me I need more
files than the ones mentioned in the quick start (so it's not a quick
start at all, it's just fools you into thinking that it is) and I
don't understand any of the rest of the docs.

I understand that I should have a PACKAGE.cfg and maybe a SETUP.cfg
(in addition to teh DEPENDENCIES.cfg and PUBLICATION.cfg mentioned in
the quick start) but I actually have absolutely no idea what to put in
them. The examples seem to have no relation to anything I need to do.

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