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  • [ZPT] CVS: Packages/Products/PageTemplates (Products/DC/PageTemplates) - CHANGES.txt:1.6 version.txt:1.6   evan@serenade.digicool.com
  • [ZPT] CVS: Packages/Products/PageTemplates (Products/DC/PageTemplates) - PythonExpr.py:1.1 ZPythonExpr.py:1.1 ZRPythonExpr.py:1.1 Expressions.py:1.14 PageTemplateFile.py:1.2 ZopePageTemplate.py:1.10   evan@serenade.digicool.com
  • [ZPT] CVS: Packages/TAL - HTMLParser.py:1.16   fred@digicool.com
  • [ZPT] escaping chars in tal   Thomas Olsen
  • [ZPT] ZPT and CVS   Peter Bengtsson
  • [ZPT] bug?   Peter Bengtsson
  • [ZPT] 1.3.0 issues with trailing '/'   Steve Spicklemire
  • [ZPT] CVS: Packages/Products/PageTemplates (Products/DC/PageTemplates) - PythonExpr.py:1.2 ZPythonExpr.py:1.2 ZRPythonExpr.py:1.2   evan@serenade.digicool.com
  • [ZPT] eliminated path expressions:   Geir Bækholt
  • [ZPT] CVS: Packages/Products/PageTemplates (Products/DC/PageTemplates) - PythonExpr.py: ZPythonExpr.py: ZRPythonExpr.py: CHANGES.txt: Expressions.py: PageTemplateFile.py: ZopePageTemplate.py: version.txt:   evan@serenade.digicool.com
  • [ZPT] PageTemplates 1.3.1   Evan Simpson
  • [ZPT] ZPT small feature request and next release?   Brad Clements
  • [ZPT] tal:condition, how to eliminate containing tag?   Brad Clements
  • [ZPT] Re: DTML/ZPT examples   Peter Bengtsson
  • [ZPT] ZPT advocacy   Andreas Vallen
  • [ZPT] zpt errors...   richard@bizarsoftware.com.au
  • [ZPT] Batching changes with 1.3   richard@bizarsoftware.com.au
  • [ZPT] bad xhtml-attributes forced ??   Geir Bækholt
  • [ZPT] METAL, fill-slot and define-macron in the same PT   Peter Bengtsson
  • [ZPT] How do I upload a ZPT?   Dondi Bogusky
  • [ZPT] taller/wider in PageTemplate editing   richard@bizarsoftware.com.au
  • [ZPT] fmt   Magnus Heino
  • [ZPT] eliminated path expressions .. again   Ulrich Eck
  • [ZPT] Newbie ... Hi to all and questions   Lynn Walton
  • [ZPT] An easier question ...   Lynn Walton
  • [ZPT] Unexpanding macros   =?iso-8859-1?q?Hamish=20Lawson?=
  • [ZPT] Do people use local versions of tal, metal dtd's?   Lynn Walton
  • [ZPT] Moving scripts to center stage   Wade Leftwich

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