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Amos Latteier amos@digicool.com
Thu, 10 Jan 2002 14:07:40 -0500

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Argh. It looks like all the hyperlinks in the PageTemplates help topics are broken. Something must have changed. Anyway this file is fixed. I'll try to fix the rest of them in the next couple days.

=== Zope/lib/python/Products/PageTemplates/help/tales-python.stx => ===
       In addition, these utility functions are available: 'DateTime',
       'test', and 'same_type'. See "DTML
-      functions":../../../OFSP/Help/dtml-funcs.stx for more
+      functions":../../OFSP/Help/dtml-funcs.stx for more
       information on these functions.
       Finally, these functions are available in Python expressions,
       but not in Python-based scripts:
-      'path(string)' -- Evaluate a TALES "path":../tales-path.stx
+      'path(string)' -- Evaluate a TALES "path":tales-path.stx
-      'string(string)' -- Evaluate a TALES "string":../tales-string.stx
+      'string(string)' -- Evaluate a TALES "string":tales-string.stx
-      'exists(string)' -- Evaluates a TALES "exists":../tales-exists.stx
+      'exists(string)' -- Evaluates a TALES "exists":tales-exists.stx
-      'nocall(string)' -- Evaluates a TALES "nocall":../tales-nocall.stx
+      'nocall(string)' -- Evaluates a TALES "nocall":tales-nocall.stx
     Python Modules
@@ -84,19 +84,19 @@
       'sequence' -- A module with a powerful sorting function. See
-      "sequence":../../../OFSP/Help/sequence.py for more information.
+      "sequence":../../OFSP/Help/sequence.py for more information.
       'Products.PythonScripts.standard' -- Various HTML formatting
       functions available in DTML. See
-      "Products.PythonScripts.standard":../../../PageTemplates/Help/standard.py
+      "Products.PythonScripts.standard":../../PythonScripts/Help/standard.py
       for more information.
       'ZTUtils' -- Batch processing facilities similar to those
-      offered by 'dtml-in'. See "ZTUtils":../../../PageTemplates/Help/ZTUtils.py
+      offered by 'dtml-in'. See "ZTUtils":ZTUtils.py
       for more information.
       'AccessControl' -- Security and access checking facilities. See
-      "AccessControl":../../../OFSP/Help/AccessControl.py for more
+      "AccessControl":../../OFSP/Help/AccessControl.py for more