[ZPT] I don't want "&" to be URL escaped in tal:attributes, how to do?

Jeff Peterson jpeterso@rangebroadband.com
Wed, 16 Jan 2002 09:47:39 -0600

We ran into this problem on a project just last week.  We were unable to
find a way to actually "escape" the ampersand but we were able to work
around it using simple direct traversal.  This may or may not be useful to
you but it worked for us so I thought I would at least mention it.

There are some examples of how to do this in this how-to:


Hope this helps you, let us know how it goes.

Jeffrey D. Peterson
Range TV Cable & Broadband
1818 E. 3rd Ave.  Hibbing, MN 55746

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> Hi, all
> I want to render a URL by tal:attributes:
> <a href="" tal:attributes="href python:
> here.absolute_url()+'?var1=A&var2=B'">
> the & in '?var1=A&var2=B' will be "escaped" to &amp;
> That make unexpected URL to be generated,
> How to keep "&" to be "&" not "&amp;"
> Thanks
> Iap, Singuan
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