[ZPT] Google style batching?

John Morton jwm@plain.co.nz
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 21:01:49 +1300

I'd like to have a list of pages included in my batch controls for search 
results and so forth, in a similar fashion to the way Google (and all the 
other search engines before them...) has. 

ZTUtils/Batch.py doesn't have a method that just hands this list to you, and 
the only Zope level solution I can see involves generating a first batch 
instance and handing that to a python script that traverses through 
LazyNextBatch objects to get the properly calculated start value of each 
page. This seems like a shrubbery quest to me.

Has anyone been around the block on this problem and come up with a better 
solution, or should I just add a method to ZTUtils/Batch.py and submit a